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21 Jan 2014

Online sales can be enhanced in many ways. There are several marketing methods you can implement such as article marketing, forum posting, social media networking, guest blogging, and advertising; buying web visitors can boost sales, as well. If you tell people that you will be doing one or more of the above techniques, most of them will surely agree and encourage you to go ahead with your plan and start acting on your marketing programs.

But if you tell them that you are also planning to buy visitors for your eCommerce site, some will have suspicious eyes, while others will discourage you from pursuing such plan. It’s because this method is known to be inefficient and sometimes redundant due to the generally low conversion rate. Despite that, you can still see many marketers and even some big businesses still buying traffic for their websites to enhance their sales. Should you be buying website visitors, as well?

Is It Good for Business

Getting straight to the point; this method may or may work for your business. This will work if you do the right thing. But if you fail to observe necessary measures, then this may go out of the way and lead you to losses, instead of gains. Remember, there is investment here, so you have to make sure that you will not only get your investment back but you will earn profits, as well. So, the main challenge here is how to do it right; read on.

First of all, you have to understand how this technique can end up in losses. Buying traffic will require partnership with paid traffic firms that will do the tasks of getting leads for you. Choosing which firm to forge partnership with for your campaign is the most crucial part. This is the make or break aspect; that’s why you have to give this due importance by spending sufficient time on research to determine which services to use and what package to get.

There are many inept service providers out there that will rip you off your money by promising to send thousands of targeted visits. However, instead of real people, they will be sending bots to your blog to come up with the numbers. Others will mix a few real people but mostly bots just to hit the promised numbers. Obviously, you don’t want to forge partnership with such firms.

However, not all firms will do that. Some will actually send you real people, but they are general and non-targeted to any niche. In fact, some if not majority will come from appalling traffic sources such as paid-to-click sites and traffic exchange networks. Visitors from these sources will definitely not convert well; you are lucky if you can get one conversion. As a result, buying traffic is associated with poor conversion.

But there a handful of paid traffic agencies that are good. Not all are bad wolves. These good companies will give you real targeted people by allowing you to choose which location that you want your paid web visitors will be coming from, and what particular group they belong to so that most of them will be truly interested with your contents and products.

These visitors will not come from bad sources of traffic but some will be sourced from the search engines. These firms own many expired domains that are already enjoying sufficient amount of followers. So when you buy traffic from them, they will just places links within the content or in the ads that funnel people to your site. The system is legitimate and you can get targeted visits that satisfactorily convert into sales. In this case, buying web visitors can boost sales.

So the bottom line is, you can buy traffic if you want to improve the performance of your business. While this method has numerous bumps that increase your risks, if you are a smart buyer you can set your campaign on the right track. Just keep in mind the above tips and you are good to go.


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